Please Fill In Your Name

Escriba su nombre Aquí – Foto: Javier Infante.

Escriba su nombre Aquí – Foto: Javier Infante.

Why do we identify ourselves with certain things instead of others? Why do we feel attached to a place, a group, a sign? How do we define ourselves?

Starting out with these questions, we deepen into the universe of the imaginary labels we create to define ourselves, always with a touch of sense of humour and irony. The origin of this play is the actors’ group work travelling throughout identities, which appear to us more and more fragmented. “Please Fill In Your Name” talks about (non-) places of (non-) belonging, border territories and meeting places beyond matters like nationalities, gender, sexuality, religions, philias and phobias…

A map of scenes with threads among them, a network of different plots: funny situations, crucial for the characters, who get lost choosing among their possible identities.

What if you could choose your nationality calling a Customer Service number? How are you supposed to introduce yourself when each member of your body has a different story? What if you are defined just by a number? Or by your funny name? What if you want your ID card to show better your personality? A community which ignores how it was set up, but does not accept any new members; flags made out of the audience’s personal belongings; two people who won’t talk to each other but cannot talk to anyone else either…

Escriba su nombre Aquí -Please Fill In Your Name- is inspired by all this and much more.


AWARDED WITH the second prize of the 22th Contest of Young Artist of Madrid